mmGPS Training

This upcoming spring 金沙电子游戏网站Brandt PTD will be hosting an open course for mmGPS that is aimed towards the use of Curb & Gutter.This will be a more advance course and experience with the equipment highly recommended or at a very minimum have been using Topcon software and Machine control systems before.This course will be lead in a work flow from start to finish when you get to site until the time the job is finished and is time to move onto the next side.Please see the Itinerary below of what will be covered.

  • The "Must Have" before starting any job
    • Going over the job and having a "Plan of Attack" for getting it done
    • What should be done before Control is set
    • Doing a Peg test to confirm you Level is within specs
    • Talking about Localization / Projections / Datums
    • Setting Control points both Horizontal and Vertical
    • Lazer Calibration
    • Exporting files from data collector
  • 3DMC overview
    • Staking Alignments and checking Curber
    • Export As-built data
    • Troubleshooting

Registration Details

April 23-25,2019 at the 金沙电子游戏网站Brandt Tractor Branch in Fredericton,New Brunswick.

Class Requirements
Notebook,Outdoor attire