Vertical Construction


Workflow management is critical for Building Information Modelling (BIM) users and, with Autodesk authoring tools and Topcon’s hardware and MAGNET Software Suite solutions, Brandt delivers the fastest and easiest way to accomplish BIM-to-field.

We deliver a full range of Topcon robotic total stations and laser scanning tools, allowing you to layout and capture complete 3D site layouts with unmatched speed, accuracy, and detail for construction, data registration, clean-up, indexing, segmentation and more.

And Brandt’s Technology Integration Services team will be with you all the way to implement the new field and office workflows that will keep your jobs running quickly and efficiently and ensure that you get maximum value from your technology investment.

Robotic 描述
GTL-1000 Scanning robotic total station
GT-500V 重要全站仪立式建设。
LN-150 3D layout system
Scanning 描述
GLS-2000 Compact, high-speed laser scanner
海量数据及绘图 描述
MAGNET拼贴 来自多个海量数据传感器相结合的数据集
ClearEdge3D沿边 用自动化的特征提取和物体识别3D建模
ClearEdge3D Verity的 施工验证软件
ClearEdge3D Rithm为Navisworks中 Floor flatness & levelness QA software